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Terracotta '22

Terracotta '22

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Pigment found on the beach in Barcelona, made in egg-tempera · Frame is handmade out of Spanish wood & canvas.

The first morning I woke up in Barcelona I went straight to the beach. Took my shoes off and walked along the coast. The sand inbetween my toes, the sound of the waves, naked people everywhere, I loved it. As I was stroling I noticed a lot of small chunks or brown stones at the edge of the water. I looked closer. It were pieces to terracotta, washed up on the shore. I picked some up and took them home with me. A few weeks later at the studio I was offered by Neil Lorenzo, I started crushing them on to turn them into a pigment and made this painting out of it. The surface has a lot of texture and grainy vibes. If you run your finger across it, it’s kinda like walking along the beach.

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