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Mixing Pixels of Mooon

Mixing Pixels of Mooon

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by Ruben de Haas & Moooi
Ruben used Signature carpet design Mooon to recreate a new Signature Mixing Pixels carpet design. Designer Moooi, that created the Mooon Carpet collection in 2022, approved for the design to be used for a new collection by Ruben. During the creation of this new design, no information is lost. All the details and elements are still there, just in another shape. The Mixing Pixels Carpets come with a video that show the process from the previous rug to the new one. That way anyone who is curious, can discover the original design that they are made from. Enjoy!

Printed on Low Pile Polyamide. A tried and tested material exceptionally suitable for commercial projects with high traffic areas, but works well in any residential project as well. Material lends itself very well for high definition printing of intricate designs and vibrant colors.

Ships within 6 weeks. Smaller sizes are also available. Send an email for inquiries.

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