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Appeltje Eitje

Appeltje Eitje

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Made by Micky Hoogendijk

A cheerful bronze figure, confidently standing on a reused brick, and on the head, the ingenious design and idea of Ruben de Haas, the Egglamp. 

Limited series of 33

An unexpected encounter brought together two creative minds, sparking a collaboration. Inspired by Hoogendijk's bronze sculptures and de Haas's Egglamp. They combined their crafts creating a characteristic figure, that stands confidentially on a reused brick. 'Appeltje Eitje', we would say.

'Appeltje' and 'The Ones’

Hoogendijk created her first series of sculptures in 2020. The stylized figures illustrate her ideas about individual strength and, more especially, her impression of the invisible dynamic between people. They are her tribute to humans seeking connection.

“I’ve called them The Ones because they are human figures who are connected to and support each other to become stronger themselves. We are all individuals, One, but we do not exist alone, so The Ones.”

Having never made a singular figure in her series. After meeting Ruben de Haas she wanted to see what her sculptures would do if she would take them out of context. The EggLamp gives Hoogendijk's sculpture a more playful character which inspired her to make this cheerful figure. Changing a part of here recognizable visual language to make it function as a lamp and come together with The EggLamp.

'Appeltje' is like Hoogendijk's other sculptures made at the bronze foundry Kemner in Cuijk. For this sculpture they used the Cire Perdue Method, a traditional technique. Hoogendijk worked together with Kemner for 'The Ones Nr. I XXL', of 4 meter, that will be presented next year during the Venice Biennale d'arte 2024.

See more about Micky Hoogendijk here.

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