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Together with a variety of artists and designers from around the world, we believe that collaboration is the way forward for everyone. Feel free to reach out with ideas for future projects. Enjoy!


Ruben de Haas (1988) is an artist and designer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He loves color, nature and likes investigating different materials and techniques whilst staying playful and intuitive.

Recently Ruben has collaborated with MOOOI on a series of carpets called the Mixing Pixels. He makes his own paint with eggs and pigment, tests How Much Ink Does A Marker Contain? and is currently super into making Wild Teapots.

Globe trotter

For ten years Ruben lived and worked around the globe. In Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Cambodia, Mexico, Spain and The Netherlands. He joined creative studios, filmed the world-tour of a rock band, tested one hundred markers, made paint using eggs and historic pigments, opened a gallery in Mexico, worked in advertising, published a book and lived back to basics for a year in a place called Wilderland where he fell in love with nature.

Dreams come true

His works are bought worldwide by collectors in New York, the United Kingdom, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe. Long listed for the Royal Dutch Art Prize 2022 and invited for a Round Table conversation with Queen Maximá of The Netherlands at the Milan Design Week 2023 - a few milestones that brings him closer to his big dot on the horizon: exhibit at MoMa (New York City) in 2030.