Made from real eggs

designed by nature

Thanks to the chickens, each egg is one of a kind. This makes every Egglamp unique and original.


Are those real eggs?

Yes! Next time you eat an egg, think of us :)

The chickens made sure to produce eggshells that are all different. We aim to use eggs from ethically raised animals or that would otherwise go to waste.

Don't they break easily?

Well, they sure can but it doesn't just happen. Just like a normal lightbulb we advice you to not throw them around. But please share a video juggling with three Egglamps for one minute and we'll send you something nice.

How do I use the Egglamp?

Like any regular E27 lightbulb: Screw the bulb in the fitting, turn on your light and be surprised. When switching on your Egglamp for the first time we advice to yell "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!".