"I want to make items that produce smiles and nice feelings."

Color who?

Ruben de Haas (1988) is an artist and designer from Amsterdam. He loves colors, nature and playing with materials.

Together with Moooi, he collaborated on a collection of Mixing Pixel Carpets. He makes his own paint using pigments and recently launched a lamp made from real eggs.


Ten years Ruben lived and worked around the globe: Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Cambodia and Mexico.

After bartending, he joined a creative studio and filmed the world-tour of a rock band. After this, he lived on bare feet for a year off the grid and rediscovered his love for nature.

In the following years he handmade typography, quirky illustrations, opened a small gallery in Mexico, taught design at a college, worked in advertising, published a book and tested more than one hundred markers.

A dream to discover

His work is bought worldwide by collectors in New York, the United Kingdom, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe.

In 2022 he was on the long list for the Royal Dutch Art Prize and got invited for a Round Table conversation with Queen Maximá at the Milan Design Week in 2023.

His goal is to exhibit at least one work at MoMa in New York City by 2030. If you want to help him with this get in touch.

Make the world a more colorful place